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Imam Ali (AS): Learn the Qur'an, because the Qur'an is the best new word, and think deeply in it, because it is the spring of hearts, and be healed by its light, because it is the healing of the breasts.

Simultaneously with the holy month of Ramadan and the days of Nowruz, and in order to increase the cultural level and allegiance of the families supported by the Ashraf Al-Anbia charity organization (PBUH) with the Holy Quran, a special book reading competition is held for the supported families.

The 14th edition of the book reading competition of Ashraf Al-Anbia Charity Foundation (PBUH) will be held in a different and virtual way and with the theme of Pledge of Allegiance to the Holy Quran, especially for families under the support of the charity. The main source of questions in this round of competitions is the "Holy Qur'an" as in previous years, and its purpose is to reflect on the divine verses and renew allegiance to the Holy Qur'an during the holy month of Ramadan.

Families under the support of Ashraf al-Anbia charity (pbuh) will answer 30 questions sent through Yes messenger during the holy month of Ramadan with care and consideration in the verses of the Holy Quran.

 The prizes of this tournament for the top 80 participating families will be worth 720 million Rials.

The time of the competition is from the third of April to the first of May 1402.

The results of the 14th edition of the Book Reading Competition (Pledge of Allegiance to the Holy Quran) will be announced on the 14th of May 1402.



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