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Hazrat Muhammad (G) says:After faith in God, the best of all actions is philanthropy and kindness to all people.

December 5 is called "International Volunteer Day" (IVD) and this year's theme is "If everyone did..."

The United Nations named this day in 1985 with the aim of promoting voluntary work in the global and local arena.

This day is a reminder of efforts in the field of promoting human and moral virtues, and many orders and recommendations have been given to it in our holy ritual.

Voluntary activity is found in all religions, cultures and languages. But helping people in need always makes a person feel good, and the main goal of charities is to help people in need.

The volunteer force does not benefit from material benefits in charity work, but this work has many effects on his personal and social life, and the good prayers of the needy always help him in life.

While honoring this day, Ashraf Al-Anbia(G) Charity  expresses its gratitude for the valuable and honest efforts and efforts of the volunteers and servants in the field of promoting God-friendly goals and supporting orphans and the deprived.

I ask God to give you continued dignity and peace, and may the good prayers of the orphans and the deprived include your situation.

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