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School is a place to elevate the soul, increase knowledge and find a future path.

In line with the services of Mehr Danesh, the third school of Ashraf Al-Anbia charity organization (pbuh) on Wednesday, the fifth of Mehr month, at the same time as the birth days of the prophet of knowledge and mercy, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and Imam Jafar Sadiq (pbuh), a six-class school named after Hajiya Khanum Fatimah Mohibi in Pasfid Village, Jaghin District, Hormozgan Province, for exceptional and special children, was opened with the presence of the precious benefactor Mrs. Hajiya Khanam Mohebi and the managing director of the Ashraf Al Anbia charity organization (pbuh) and a group of officials.

In this ceremony, thanks were given to the benefactors of Mrs. Mohebi.
It should be noted that these schools were built with the participation of the School Renovation and Equipping Organization and currently 61 special students are studying.
And lasting good deeds are better in terms of reward and hope with your Lord.




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