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Continuing the process of building 114 housing units for rural orphans in Hormozgan province in the sixth phase of Sayeh Rizvan project, Ashraf Al-Anbia, the head of the board of charity, visited the construction stages of residential units for three days.
In this service, 114 rural orphanages, 350 people benefit from housing services, and the number of orphans benefited from housing services is 236 orphans.
This project is under construction with a progress of 57% in construction and executive operations, and it is expected that all the houses will be handed over to honorable families by the end of 1402 with the grace of God Almighty. God willing

These rural units are special for orphans in the city and the districts of Siahou, Fin, Jaghin, Rodan, Ramani, Sandarak, Darpahan, Sardasht, Chegdan, Minab Bandzark, the villages on the outskirts of Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan province, with the efforts of the benefactors of Ashraf Al-Anbia charity organization (pbuh) and participation Aftab Oil Refining Company, Relief Committee and Welfare Organization of Hormozgan Province are under construction.
May God accept all the founders and benefactors of this effective and lasting good service. God willing



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