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We hope for tomorrow when spring wears its green shirt and butterflies sweep all the garden alleys with their golden wings and the earth drinks abundantly from the kind hands of rain.

Greener than spring! Hours are counting your seconds.

Coinciding with the blessed days of the birth of Hazrat Mahdi (AS) and on the eve of the new year, Ashraf Al-Anbia (PBUH) charity organization, with the grace of God Almighty and the unreserved help of precious benefactors, in order to empathize and share happiness with underprivileged orphans, donated cards (electronic cards Arzaq Store) credited the families under its support with the amount of three billion two hundred million Rials to buy the necessities of Nowruz Eid, such as food and clothes.

By donating their credit cards and visiting the nearest chain store of the contracting party, families can choose and prepare food, clothing and items needed for the New Year according to their taste while maintaining their dignity.

God willing, it will be accepted by the Almighty and put a smile on the face of the orphans and the needy.

Birthday of Hazrat Qaim (AS) and Happy New Year


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