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Imam Baqir ((pbuh) says:
God loves sacrifice and feeding.
(Wasail al-Shia, vol. 16, p. 374)

Sacrifice in the way of God has countless effects and blessings and has many effects in the social and individual dimensions of human beings.
In fact, it has been recommended a lot in the religion of Islam, and in this regard Imam Ali (pbuh) says: If people knew the rewards and rewards of sacrifice, they would definitely lend and act on it, when the first drop of the blood of the sacrifice The ground falls and its owner is forgiven (All al-Shar'i, vol. 2, p. 440).

Sacrifice is a sign of self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice of a Muslim person in the way of God and his financial, spiritual and spiritual sacrifice.

During the martyrdom of Hazrat Zahra (pbuh), with the grace of God, the loving support of generous benefactors and the efforts of the servants, Ashraf al-Anbia charity organization (G) slaughtered sheep (sacrifice and aqeeq) for the donations of the benefactors. The people of Qorbhani and Aqeeqah have been nine hundred and fifty million Rials.

It should be noted that the resulting meat is stored in completely hygienic packages in the charity's cold storage and is delivered to the orphans and the deprived under the charity's support as soon as possible by the charity's work unit.

Lord, accept all good deeds...

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