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The month of Mehr is an opportunity to show affection and kindness to orphans who, on the eve of the new academic year and the start of schools, are looking for caressing hands to always share kindness between themselves and their fellows.
With the grace of Almighty God and the help of precious benefactors, at the same time as the reopening of schools and the month of Mehr is approaching, the Ashraf Al-Anbia Charity Organization (PBUH) succeeded in preparing and starting the distribution of educational and writing supplies packages according to the educational levels for the students of all families under supported

These packages include pens, notebooks, pencils, colored pencils, erasers, and other items needed by 240 orphaned students under support at different levels of education, which are distributed among our beloved children by charity workers at the family's residence and with dignity.
 May God accept all founders and good people. God willing


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