Ashraf Al-Anbia Charitable Institution (PBUH) after participating in the construction of 1007 housing units for rural orphans in low-income areas of the country; In the sixth phase of rural empowerment services and at the same time with the birth of Hazrat Ali Ibn Musa Reza (AS), dated 23/03/1401, according to the agreement with the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and the Welfare Organization and Hormozgan Province Housing Foundation and the support of legal donors Ashraf Al-Anbia (PBUH) Charity, including Aftab Oil Refining Company and other real donors, started the construction of 114 housing units for rural orphans in Hormozgan province.

Previously, 114 families with 240 priority homeless rural orphans in Hormozgan province were identified and selected in this project.

In this project, 114 housing units with an area of ​​50 meters with a credit of 300 billion rials will be built in the cities and districts of Hormozgan province and it is expected that all houses will be handed over to esteemed families by the end of 1402. God willing

It is worth mentioning that the share of real and legal donors of Ashraf Al-Anbia (PBUH) Charity Institute in this project is eighty billion Rials.

May God accept all the benefactors .......




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