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For those who did good, there is good in this world; And the abode of the hereafter is even better than that; And how good is the house of the pious.

Surah Nahl - verse 30

At the same time as the Decade of Dignity, blind rural families of Hashtbandi city of Hormozgan province reached the pilgrimage of Hazrat Reza.

 After traveling, the distinguished families stayed at the living cultural house of Haj Abdullah Shemirani (RA) and benefited from cultural and entertainment programs during the trip.

In this spiritual journey, with the presence of Roshandel families, the commemoration ceremony of the 14th anniversary of the memory of Haj Abdullah Shemirani (RA) was held.

And sincere greetings and humble devotion to the royal spirit of a precious father who, with his noble nature, stepped on the path of serving the needy and penetrated the depths of their hearts and souls. rest in peace

 May God return the pilgrimage of Hazrat Reza  to those who wish to visit. God Amen

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Posted 2 months ago

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