Sacrificing and dividing it among the poor and relatives is an exercise in generosity and generosity that is achieved through piety. Therefore, the wisdom of performing a sacrifice is the approach of the sacrificer to God and His transcendence and piety

Sacrifice teaches human beings the lesson of self-sacrifice, forgiveness, and readiness to testify in the way of God, and it is the lesson of helping the needy and the poor.

Therefore, in order to uphold this divine tradition and meet the meat needs of the families under its protection, the Ashraf al-Anbiya (PBUH) charity receives the sacrifices and aqeeqah of the benefactors and distributes the meat from the donations to the needy of its target group.

With the care of God Almighty and the help of valuable benefactors, in 1999, she succeeded in sacrificing 360 sheep and distributing 2.5 tons of fresh mutton among the orphans and the deprived.

It should be noted that with the funds received from the sacrificial offerings and aqeeqah, sheep were purchased from authorized farms at a reasonable price and in the period from the twentieth to the twenty-fifth month in the industrial slaughterhouse and other health slaughterhouses approved by the Ashraf al-Anbia charity. All religious norms and principles and hygienic principles are slaughtered

It is kept in completely hygienic packages with special etiquette in the charity cold storage and reaches the families of orphans and the deprived under the support of Ashraf Al-Anbia Charity in the shortest time and according to a specific quota by the Ashraf Al-Anbia Charity's charity unit.

God willing, success will be accompanied by God-pleasing deeds of all benefactors ...

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