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Good people are always popular with society and make us see a better world around us. They always try to help others and help people achieve their dreams. 

 Amir al-Mu'minin Ali (a.s.), the master of the Shias, used to go to the orphans' house at night anonymously to feed them. I wish we don't forget, when we do good to someone, it is not us who did good to someone, It is the stain of God who has deemed us worthy so that by providing the means for it, good can come to both others and ourselves and for that we should be grateful to God.

Helping knows no age, sometimes a child shows her big heart by holding an elderly person's hand. Kindergarten children "small philosophers" Coinciding with the birthday of Hazrat Zainab (P) In the field of love, Sowing seeds of beneficence.

They prepared food with the help of their family and teachersand in order to donate to orphaned and underprivileged families under the support of Ashraf Al-Anbia charity organization (G). Children refresh this green place by coming to Ashraf Al-Anbia (G) charity institution and they shared kindness between themselves and their kind.

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