Imam Ali (AS): One of the highest levels of charity is kindness towards orphans.
In continuation of the process of building 114 housing units for rural orphans in Hormozgan Province, Ashraf Al-Anbia Charity Institute (PBUH) on 03/17/1401; He paid 300 million Tomans of his obligations to complete the construction of 10 units out of 114 units located in Khomeini section of Beshagard city in Hormozgan province.
In this lasting good, 114 special rural housing units for 238 orphans and 114 female heads of households in the cities and districts of Hormozgan province with the efforts and attention of the benefactors of Ashraf Al-Anbia Charity Foundation (PBUH) and the participation of Aftab Oil Refining Company, Relief Committee and Welfare Organization of Hormozgan Province it's gonna be built .
It is expected that these units will be completed by the winter of 1402 and handed over to the noble families of the orphans, God willing.



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